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PBA provides a vital connection for businesses with citizens and government in Anne Arundel County and Maryland.

Founded in 1986 with 35 members, Pasadena Business Association has grown to over 290 members. If you own or operate a local business and are interested in making Pasadena a better place to live and work - a place where residents patronize local businesses and work together with the business community to create a healthy, robust local economy -consider becoming a member of PBA.

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David Fletcher of
Maven Sales Group

Today’s sales teams are burdened with issues such as the lack of quality inbound leads, the lack of a common corporate sales process, their sales cycles are getting complex and too long and they face a myriad of competitive differentiation issues. The lack of true sales/marketing alignment is another stumbling block as well as other organizational challenges that include poor focus, and smooth, successful adoption of technology.

Considering that 68% of a sales rep’s time is spent not selling, most salespeople have room for improvement when it comes to how they spend their time.

Maven Sales Group has the experience, business acumen, and entrepreneurial success to provide the following:

  • Sales Development Consulting
  • Sales Enablement Consulting
  • Sales Process Design
  • Sales Coaching & Training
  • Outsourced Sales Leadership
  • Executive Business Coaching

Whether it’s a Sales problem or a leadership/management problem, Maven Sales Group has the ability to solve it through our strategic processes. We also know most of our customers come to us not knowing what it is that needs improvement, they just know they need more sales. PBA Members get a free assessment to help you figure out what needs to be strategically adjusted to meet your financial goals. If you want more sales now, then we should talk! 



Sunday, November 6

Caring & Sharing
Community Harvest

Who doesn't love a parade? Support the community by bringing a non-perishable food item. All donations go to local food pantries.


Member Benefits

  Support and encouragement for your business
  Networking and social events to foster relationships
  Making Pasadena a better place to live, work, and play



Businesses in Pasadena contribute products and services to local non-profit organizations such as schools, churches, and sports teams. Your patronage of local businesses allows them to give back to your neighborhood, making Pasadena a better place for everyone to live and work! Discover Deals & Discounts!

Paid Sick Leave Bill


Contact Economic Matters Committee

The bill will require paid sick leave for employers with more than 9 employees.  To express your opinion on the bill, please contact your legislators or the members of the Economic Matters Committee.  Click the link above for their information.

Read More ... details of all pending bills.

Governor's Transformation and Renewal Office

Governor Hogan has newly established a Transformation and Renewal office to find ways to streamline, combine services, etc. to make the Maryland State Government more efficient and move it more to the 21st century.  The effort is being headed by former State Senator and Anne Arundel County Executive Robert Neall.  As I was told, “Everything and anything” regarding ideas to help streamline the State Government is wanted. 

The process is that any ideas people have should be sent to Robert Neall’s email address which is  Please feel free to contact Leslie Shoenhard (last name pronounced  SHANE HARD).  Her phone is 410-260-4077 and Leslie’s email address is

Here is the link for Governor Hogan's press release for the new office.

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